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10 Tips for Improving Concentration.

By: Souvik Bhattacharjee.

Concentration plays a vital role in improving the overall work productivity of a person, be a working class or a student. Studies have found that with the increase in concentration, the time to do a work or to study a topic decreases significantly with much higher efficiency. The concentration also plays a vital role during the competitive exams like JEE exam, IBPS bank exams, CAT exams etc.


Though improving concentration requires plenty of effort and time, in this article some simple and effective ways are mentioned that would surely help to improve the concentration to a great extent.

1. Meditate :

A regular meditation is undoubtedly the most effective method to improve the accuracy in the long run. With intensive meditation, the focus and attention of the brain also increase that helps the mind to sustain information for a longer time. Start by meditating for at least 15 minutes daily and then gradually increase the duration to an hour.

2. Ignore distractions :

With so many distractions around, sometimes it becomes really hard to concentrate. The noises around always distracts and are responsible for reduced focus and efficiency.
Ignoring these distractions is really important but it is easily said than done. This is a gradual process and would take some time before the brain gets acquainted with different distractions and naturally adapts itself to ignore them.

3. Take periodic breaks :

The efficiency of the work increases significantly if short periodic breaks are taken in between working or studying. This technique is called the Pomodoro Techniques and was developed by Francesco Cirillo in 1980s.
In this technique, a work is broken down into smaller intervals with short breaks. Prioritize the works and set the timer for 5 minutes for every 25 minutes until the work is done.

4. Keep your mind healthy and well rested :

A healthy and well-rested mind is always able to focus more and function efficiently. So get enough sleep regularly and follow a proper diet comprising of fruits, green vegetables, avocado, other antioxidant foods etc. to keep the mind healthy and improve the concentration.

5. Avoid doing multiple things at one time :

It is very important to focus on one thing at a time rather than doing multiple things at the same time since working on multiple things at a time will end with reduced efficiency for all the tasks. So, start convincing the brain to focus on one work at a time to improve the concentration and efficiency while doing that particular job.

6. Choose proper workplace :

The workplace plays an important role for the concentration. A place with high distractions will never let the mind to focus properly. For example, if a bed is chosen for studying, the mind subconsciously interprets that the prior job is to sleep and the required concentration reduces significantly.

So, choose the workplace wisely such that the mind can keep focusing on the work at hand and not get distracted with other issues.

7. Be relaxed :

A fretful mind can never concentrate while working. It is very important that one is properly relaxed while working so that the mind can focus well and the concentration is increased. Meditating before starting any work can easily help the mind to relax and focus well.

8. Develop creative hobbies :

Hobbies always help the mind to relax and generate positive thoughts which are very crucial to develop the concentration levels. By having some creative hobbies, one keeps being enthusiastic, focused and develops an interest in work.

9. Start physical exercise :

Exercising regularly will not only help the body to stay fit but will also help the mind to stay active. With regular exercise, the mood and sleep improve while the stress and anxiety reduce significantly which helps the brain to be healthy and stay active.

Start doing regular physical exercises like cycling, yoga, outdoor games, etc. so that the brain can focus efficiently and the concentration increases.

10. Effectuate mental exercises :

Like getting physical exercise, the mental exercises also helps the brain to stay active. So, start doing the mental exercises like solving crosswords, puzzles, etc. and keep feeding the brain with informational knowledge by reading, and by watching news and intellectual movies. This will also help a candidate to be prepared for the general awareness and reasoning section which are an integral part of every bank exams.

Improving concentration is always a gradual process and cannot be achieved within a fortnight. For some, concentration can improve within a short time while for some it takes a bit long to improve. Everyone has their own time zone and there is always a chance to improve every day. Keep being dedicated while following these aforementioned tips and the concentration is sure to improve.

Souvik Bhattacharjee
With a degree in Engineering, Souvik Bhattacharjee is a content writer by profession. He loves writing and blogging along with part-time teaching. He is presently exploring all about the digital education with Byju’s-the Learning App.
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